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Academic V5 Products

Dassault Systemes V5 PLM solutions are the leading solutions for product design success. They address all manufacturing organizations, from Original Equipment Manufacturers and their supply chains, to small independent producers. The V5 suite of tools are industry agnostic with users ranging from aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery, to electronics, shipbuilding, plant design, and consumer goods, even architecture. The V5 suite has the functionality to address the complete product development process, from initial specification to product-in-service, in a fully-integrated manner. They facilitate reuse of product design knowledge and shortens development cycles, helping enterprises to accelerate their response to market needs.

What does this mean for an educational institution? It means that students who learn with the V5 products are developing a skill set that is highly valued by companies that employ engineers, designers and CAD/CAM operators. Colleges, Universities and High Schools utilizing the V5 suite find that it enriches their curriculum in a way that no other design software can.


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