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As the digital manufacturing brand of Dassault Systèmes' V5 PLM portfolio, DELMIA delivers a digital manufacturing process environment to optimize production systems before moving to physical implementation, all at the convenience of a desktop.

DELMIA V5 to allow manufacturing organizations to design and visualize the entire production process for a digitally specified product before deploying any physical materials and machines. They integrate closely with CATIA design solutions to deliver substantial benefits to educators seeking to deploy expanded or enriched PLM Applied learning programs. DELMIA V5 technology will assist schools in preparing their students for tomorrow's growing and exciting career opportunities in digital manufacturing.

DELMIA Domains for manufacturing include:

Navigation & collaboration – delivers viewing and navigation access to the product, process and resource (PPR) data for design engineers and those throughout the enterprise, thereby providing a powerful communication and collaborations tool between design, manufacturing, stakeholders and the non-technical community to view and share information.

Process Planning – provide a comprehensive process and resource planning support environment. The resulting process diagrams can provide a clear overview of the sequences and links between processes and resources early in product design conception.

Process Detailing and Validation – employs the structure and diagrams of the Process Planning solutions into the application specific disciplines of manufacturing. Verify process methodologies with actual product geometry and define processes to a greater level of detail within a 3D environment.

Resource Modeling and Simulation - provides the tools to develop, create and implement resources, application routines and mechanical programming that are integral with the Process Planning and Process Detailing & Validation solutions. Within this set of solutions, resources such as robots, tooling, fixtures, machinery, automation and ergonomics are defined and infused into a complete scenario of manufacturing.

Human Factors for Manufacturing - enhances the manufacturing environment with specific ergonomic tools to ensure the your latest technological innovations are being designed from the perspective of the people who actually build, maintain, install, and operate them. From a factory worker to an aircraft pilot—today’s manufacturers must consider these Human Factors (HF) early in the product life cycle.

Production Flow Simulation - Environment for industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, and management to develop and prove out best manufacturing flow practices throughout the production design process. Experiment with parameters such as facility layout, resource allocation, kaizen practices, and alternate scheduling scenarios.

Manufacturing Execution - provides 3D digital enterprise communication and teamwork exchange tools to assist with production activity. Users can now make product and process information created during the planning and design stages available to the shop floor worker and offers this data in a visually intuitive, graphically intensive, easy-to-use manner.

Automation - allows control engineers and programmers to validate and debug Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) code for all devices from tooling, robots, clamps, safety devices and electrical to hydraulics and pneumatics – within a virtual production environment before the integration of the actual equipment on the shop floor.

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