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Academic V6 PLM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has become standard engineering practice in many industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, life sciences, construction and many others.

Since it was first adopted by industry leaders partnering with Dassault Systèmes, our extensive range of PLM supporting software has today reached unprecedented levels of maturity and completeness with version 6 (V6).

Several years of collaboration with educators and students across various institutions and disciplines have led to the creation of a flexible and tailored set of open software. PLM V6 for Academia comprises a suite of world-class integrated software: CATIA for product design, DELMIA for digital manufacturing, SIMULIA for realistic simulation, and ENOVIA for collaborative innovation.

V6 for Academia
Train your students to innovate in dispersed, connected teams, since this is the challenge they’ll be facing in the global economy. Turn ‘chatting’ into product-centered conversations. Enable social learning. Coordinate students’ and educators’ access to team projects from a partnering institution. Work and interact globally with students and peers from any connected place. Surprise and engage your digitally native students.

PLM Discover: A rich, inter-disciplinary platform
  • Inter-disciplinary learning environment, combining broad subsets of all Dassault Systèmes PLM software
  • Designed to enable collaboration, design in context, work package-based engineering and many other industry required practices
  • Ubiquitous home working and student contribution traceability with robust control tools

Master and Advance: On-demand specializations
Addressing all levels and specialized skill categories expected by employers, the V6 Master and Advance packages extend PLM Discover in selected application fields and open up additional perspectives for educational innovation, including the capability to design your own PLM application and share it with students as a living representation of educator’s suggested best practices.

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