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CATIA Design Advance

The design solution for specific complex processes

CATIA Design Advance offers students a design solution for specific complex processes such as cast & forged parts, jigs and tooling, and 3D wire harness design, to name a few.

Students can define complex parts in record time while reducing repetitive operations and learning quickly. With a complete composites solution, they can learn to quickly and accurately design composites parts for a variety of industries. In addition, they can learn to design car bodies within an associative styling and engineering context.

Once students have acquired this know-how, a variety of design careers awaits them.

Prerequisites: PLM Discover, CATIA Design Master


Full manufacturing preparation plus advanced design technologies

  • Advanced free form
  • Manufacturing preparation for Cast and forged
  • Body in White, jigs and tooling
  • Composite design and manufacture
  • Electrical Harness design
  • Electro-Mechanical Circuit Board
  • ICEM Shape Design
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