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CATIA V5 is available to educational institutions at a highly discounted rate, comparable to the educational pricing of much lesser CAD systems. The education program allows schools to offer the world’s most advanced design technologies to their students.

Teaching CATIA V5 means teaching product creation for all types of industries. Like any other CAD system, CATIA V5 can be used to design bolts and screws. But learning how to use Dassault Systèmes suite of products means much more for your students: teach them CATIA V5 today, and they will be designing the techno-packed aircrafts and prestigious sports cars of tomorrow. Some may prefer to concentrate on shaping the trendy shampoo bottles of some luxury cosmetic brand, on reducing the size of the next generation MP3 players to be seen everywhere on the street, or on refining the ergonomics of the plastic toys to be offered to their children at Christmas.

It takes all sorts of engineers to make a world. CATIA V5 is the Swiss knife of industrial design. Once they know how to use it, your students are equipped with the most versatile, industry-agnostic 3D engineering tool, whatever their natural inclination and the professional journey on which they are about to embark.

CATIA V5 for High Schools
High Schools

CATIA V5 Discover Package (DIC) provides a consistent design package blending the essential principals of virtual engineering with commonly used components in the field of mechanical design. Discover provides the tools needed to perform 3D part and assembly design, extensive generation of production drawings, and create in context, wireframe construction elements and advanced surfaces. The popular "clay modeling" functionality is also included as well as basic part analysis and 2.5 axis NC tool path generation and manufacturing. This package offers teachers and students a unique tool to take their ideas to the next level of development in 3D regardless of their chosen discipline.

For a list of the configurations and modules for the CATIA V5 High School package download the PDF here.


CATIA V5 for Colleges and Universities
Colleges and Universities

CATIA V5 Academic Configuration (ED2/EX2) brings the full power of CATIA V5 to teachers and their students. This configuration has the functionality to allow students to take a project from the basic concept of part design and sketching, through the surfacing capabilities that CATIA V5 is so famous for, into full assembly.

The ED2 package provides functionality for kinematics and analysis to learn about the impact of design decisions. The package also provides full 5 axis NC manufacturing capabilities all within the same user environment. The over all flexibility of this package has allowed it to be implemented around the world in all types of educational institutions.

For a list of the configurations and modules for the CATIA V5 Colleges and Universities package you can download the PDF here.


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