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Textbooks and Curriculum

The CATIA V5 training curriculum is the basis for high-quality CATIA V5 classes. The books cover the process of designing models with CATIA V5 from conceptual sketching, through to solid modeling, assembly design, and drawing production. The following Wichita State University textbooks are available through

The following titles are available:

  • CATIA V5: Basic Concepts / Part Design & Sketcher (2 Book Set)
  • CATIA V5: Wireframe & Surfaces
  • CATIA V5: Assembly Design
  • CATIA V5: Drafting
  • CATIA V5: Sheet Metal
  • CATIA V5: Functional Tolerancing & Annotations
  • CATIA V5: Stress Analysis
  • CATIA V5: Fitting Simulation & Kinematics
  • CATIA V5: Prismatic Machining
  • CATIA V5: Surface Machining
    • CATIA V5: Electrical Design
    • CATIA V5: Electrical Harness Design
    • CATIA V5: Electraical Space Reservation

In addition to the Wichita State textbooks, also offers a two book set for high school specific courses and project based learning, created by Re-Engineering Australia and F1 in Schools.

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