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Stimulus Funding for Education

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) earlier this year made unprecedented funding available to K-12 schools and higher education through a number of different vehicles. Many educators are puzzled by the myriad programs that are administered by an endless number of federal and state departments and non-governmental organizations. staff has researched these programs and stand ready to assist you navigate this complex network of programs. Following are some highlights:

Stabilization payments
There was $43B in “stabilization payments” awarded to schools through their individual states. These funds are targeted at replacing state budget cuts and technology may be an appropriate use for these funds. We can help you trace the stabilization funds to your state and through to your school.

Technology Funding
There was $650MM of funding announced through the Enhancing Education Through Technology program. This federal funding is targeted towards purchasing hardware, software, professional development, and related services and is administered by the states. Again, our research has uncovered state-by-state programs that may assist you in acquiring new technology.

Other funding
There have also been funding announcements through NSF and NIST, and in certain circumstances, those may represent the best route to funding.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how these programs can assist you to advance technology education at your school.

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